Spray foam is installed in a new or existing structure in order to prevent air and moisture from permeating from the outside to the inside of the structure. Made from spray polyurethane foam (SPF), spray foam is of two types: closed-cell foam and open-cell foam. These two are distinct in this way; open-cell spray foam is able to block out air and temperature from moving across it but has an moisture-absorbent nature, while closed-cell spray foam is a barrier to moisture, air and temperature. They both have their specific uses, though closed-cell spray foam is used more for its benefits. Harrisburg PA offer one of the best spray foam installations that help in the building insulations. These are the benefits of spray foam installation.


Energy conservation

hggnnkklppjhA great benefit of installing spray foam in a building is conserving energy. With its high R-value, closed-cell spray foam has the ability to prevent the flow of temperature across it significantly. It has nearly twice the R-value of traditional fiberglass, which is cheaper to install, but performs poorly in comparison to spray foam. By acting as a solid air and temperature barrier, spray foam is able to significantly reduce the energy lost to the outside both in terms of heat and cooling air. This helps maintain a cool or warm ambient environment which is comfortable and appealing. Spray foam also has the under-spoken ability of serving as a noise barrier.

Cost savings

Installing spray foam costs significantly more than fiberglass. This would make fiberglass look like a good option in the short term. But when you consider the long term implications of it, it takes you three to five years to recover from the initial investment and reap from the benefits of spray foam installation. This is based on the energy savings you make. From then on you are saving on energy cost. In comparison, when you have installed fiberglass you will be losing from the onset in terms of high energy bills.

Ease of installation

When it comes to installation, spray foam is installed in spaces like beneath the roof deck, window jambs and rim joist in the crawl space. This is done with ease as spray foam is able to fit into any small space it is sprayed into. It does however require a professional to install it, unlike fiberglass. The main reason for professional installation is because spray foam requires specialized equipment to install. The beauty of it is it takes a short time to cure.

Long Lasting

hghghgfdfdThis is one of the benefits of spray foam installation that cannot be overemphasized. It is a long lasting insulation agent that is resistant to pest attacks. This ensures that you are free of worrying whether pests have penetrated it. Its impermeable nature makes it also a deterrent to mold which would thrive in wet environments. It is also enduring in nature, lasting the lifetime of the structure. This enduring nature makes spray foam a sure bet to use as an insulation material. Its thermal resistance is constant throughout its lifetime due to its nature as a long lasting polymer, which give you assurance that you do not need to replace it at any point in time.…