It sure feels like time flies so fast because before we know it, it’s already March and we’re halfway into summer. A lot of girls would stress about having the perfect summer body a month before summer actually starts, and this is not enough time to prepare. If you want to be the beach babe you’ve always seen in the magazines, then you’ll need to start preparing now. Here are a few things you can start doing to have the ultimate beach body.

Focus on toning your body

Many girls think that they need to get skinnier to achieve their body goals for the summer. But it is nearly impossible to get noticeably skinnier in such a short amount of time, and we don’t advise you to take unhealthy ways such as going on a crash diet. The key to having your dream beach body is to exercise and focus on toning the muscles on your body. The main areas that you should focus on for your bikini body are your abs, arms, back, and bum. There are many workout routines that you can copy from gym rats all over Youtube. One month of this and you’ll have your beach body in no time.

Choose the right swimsuit

The most important thing about choosing the right swimsuit is knowing your body type. Those minimal triangle bikinis might look cute, but if you’re busty, you might risk getting a nip slip. Choose swimsuits that not only will complement your body but provide support. You should also make sure you choose the right material for a swimsuit. Crochet swimsuits are in style right now but might be too heavy if you’re looking to take a swim in the ocean.


Get a tan

You might think that this is to make your body appear exotic and golden tan, but it’s actually to prevent your skin from getting severely sunburnt during the summer. Girls tend to force their skin to tan every single day during the summer so they can have that chocolate looking skin, but this will shock your skin and you’ll have to endure the pain of sunburns and peeling skin. Try to have ten to fifteen minutes under the sun every few days or so, so your skin is used to the sun rays. Use a lightweight sunscreen too, so your skin is still protected.


Grooming options

This part is optional, but some girls think that it is necessary. Getting your underarm and bikini line waxed should make your body parts more satisfying to look at in a bikini. You can also start getting laser hair removal now if you know how many sessions to eliminate pubic hair, you’ll find going on a laser hair removal long before the summer is best.

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